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Subject to these Terms and Conditions, this program is offered by National Grid (the “Company” or “National Grid”). The Company, through its contractual vendor (the “Vendor”), will provide instant rebates to eligible customers in the Company’s service territory, for the purchase and installation of the eligible products offered on the National Grid Marketplace.


Customer Eligibility

I hereby authorize the Company to release my energy use information to the energy efficiency program administrators and/or its designee. I understand that such information will be kept confidential and used only for the purpose of determining program eligibility, energy savings, and program evaluation.


Energy Use Information

Applicants must be an eligible natural gas or electric customer of a participating National Grid jurisdiction. Participation eligibility may differ by jurisdiction.


Customer Information

I hereby authorize the Company to release my information, including, but not limited to, name, email address, phone number, and purchase details to the energy efficiency program administrators and/or its designee. I understand that such information may be used to contact me about other energy efficiency programs offered by National Grid.

Customer of National Grid agrees and authorizes the utility’s sharing of the participant-customer’s information and/or project-level information with New York State Department of Public Service Staff and NYSERDA, including its agents or authorized representatives, consistent with NYSERDA’s New York State Public Service Commission and statutorily authorized responsibilities, including, but not limited to supporting market development initiatives, and other evaluation and measurement activities. (For clarity, the term project level includes the information based on the scope of the project, including, but not limited to, aggregated and anonymized whole building, building or subsets of the project.)


Installation Requirements

Products must be installed at the service address listed on the National Grid account used to redeem the rebate for the product(s).


Eligible Measures

Rebate payments will be provided only for those products that are indicated as eligible for rebates. The Company will not provide rebate payments for non-eligible products. Eligible products can be found at and and will be designated with a specified rebate amount. Electric customers who purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat must have whole home central air-conditioning or electric baseboard heat in the case of an electric heating thermostat. Natural gas customers who purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat must have natural gas heating. Electric customers who purchase hot water conservation products must have an electric hot water heater, and natural gas customers who purchase hot water conversation products must have a natural gas water heater.


Rebate Amounts

The Company will provide rebates for new qualifying products at the amount indicated on the National Grid Marketplace. Rebates will be applied instantly off the purchase price at the time of check-out.



Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its officers, directors, employees, agents, servants and assigns from and against any and all losses, claims, demands and/or liability for damage to property, injury or death of any person, or any other liability incurred by the Company, including all expenses, legal or otherwise arising out of or related to the equipment or installation, except to the extent attributable to the negligence of Company. In no event shall Company’s liability to Customer exceed the rebate amounts. The Company is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by or arise out of an installation of any products.


No Warranties

The Company and the Vendor do not endorse, guarantee or warrant any particular contractor, manufacturer or product installation. The Company and the Vendor do not make any representation of any kind regarding the results to be achieved by the products or the adequacy or safety of such equipment.


Changes in the Program

Details of this program are subject to change without prior notice and rebate offers may increase or decrease over time. The Company reserves the right to modify or terminate the program without notice. Participants of the program may be subject to tax liability for the value of goods and services received through the program pursuant to state or federal income tax codes. The Company is not responsible for any tax liability which may be imposed as a result of receipt of the rebate by the Customer.


Trademarks, Copyrights and Restriction

All content, graphics, images, audio and video clips on this site are subject to trademark, copyright and/or other proprietary or intellectual property rights or licenses held by National Grid, its affiliates and licensors.


Product Specifications

Product specification(s), posted on this site, or otherwise represented by AM Conservation, Inc. may vary and are subject to change without notice. Product suitability, energy, water and dollar savings where provided are believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. Actual savings, product performance and product longevity may vary depending upon user application and product specification. The seller makes generalized, not finite representations as to the product savings, life, suitability, or use applicability. It is the buyers’ responsibility to quantify product suitability for applications which require finite specifications unless otherwise represented by the seller.



All other goods sold are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 days from shipment. Some products may include a longer warranty period; please refer to product packaging or specification on the products’ webpages for more detailed information. To request a copy of warranty information for a specific product please call customer service at 855-841-6994 or email


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